Nuclear Jury #2


I have enjoyed working with Emily and Emma on the steering group for the Nuclear Citizens jury. They are dynamic,professional and driven to see community views expressed and understood.
Rob Kerin, Chair of Primary Producers SA, Chair Regional Development Australia & Former South Australian Premier

In October /November 2016 approximately 350 Jurors met to consider the question…
Under what circumstances (if any) could South Australia pursue the opportunity to store and dispose of nuclear waste from other countries?

About the Jury

The Citizens’ Jury on Nuclear Waste Storage wass made up of a randomly selected group of 350 South Australians from across the state. They were recruited by the NewDemocracy Foundation and were supported by democracyCo. The Jury as closely as possible resemble the demographic profile of the state.

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Deliberative Guide

To support the jury’s deliberations, a ground breaking discussion guide has been produced by our friends at The Jefferson Centre and the newDemocracy Foundation.

SA’s Future…with Nuclear?

The guide is designed to introduce Jury participants, as well as the broader public, to the issues associated with whether or not South Australia should store and dispose of high-level nuclear waste from other countries.


Juries can choose whoever they want to support them in their deliberations. Several steps are taken to assist them in this process. The Stakeholder Reference Group developed a comprehensive list of experts and potential witnesses for the Jury to consider. The Jury chose from this list or identified additional people they deemed important. In speaking with the witnesses the Jury identified and collating jury information, it became clear that some of the questions posed by jurors would not be able to be sufficiently answered by the suite of witnesses they had selected in the voting process. As per standard Citizens’ Jury process, democracyCo then identified 3 extra witnesses to ensure that the Jury would have specialist people available to answer the questions and information gaps the Jury had identified.

As part of the invitation process for witnesses, some either could not attend, or did not respond. As is also standard practice, those who could not attend were invited to nominate their preferred replacement. No witnesses were removed from the Jury’s list.

Final Witness List

In addition to witnesses chosen by the Jury – and to introduce the Jury to the issues – all stakeholders from the SRG and a number of other organisations were invited to brief the Jury on their views on the establishment of a nuclear waste storage facility. The following organisations participated in this briefing session

  • Friends of the Earth
  • Conservation Council SA
  • Business SA
  • SA Chamber of Mines and Energy
  • SA Unions
  • Mothers for a Sustainable SA
  • Yankunytjatjara Community
  • Committee for Adelaide
  • Regional Development/Primary Producers SA
  • Outback Communities Authority
  • Nuclear Consultation and Response Agency
  • Local Government Association
  • DECD Youth Forum Participants


The Jury completed their work and handed their report to the Premier on Sunday 6th November. You can read it here.

One of our reflections on the Jury can be found in this article which was published by The Mandarin on the 6th December: Opinion is King








The Facilitators

A Jury this size and this complexity does not happen easily – it takes skill, expertise and most of all the right personalities! We are delighted to have bought together the most incredible team of talented facilitators – who come to SA from al over Australia. If you ever want to do any deliberative work in your state, give these guys a call!

 –  Emily Jenke
–  Nicole Hunter
–  Andrew Huffer
–  Marcia Dwonczyk
–  Kate Henderson
–  Viv McWaters
–  Kimbra White
–  Keith Greaves
Andrew Huffer and Associates
Kate Henderson Freelance Facilitator
Beyond the Edge
–  Joel Levin
–  Chad Foulkes
–  Mel Lambert
–  Gillian Hayman
–  Abbie Jeffs
–  Ilka Walkley
–  Vivienne Lambert
–  Emma Lawson
aHa Consulting
Liminal by Design
Collaborative Consultant
Gillian Hayman Facilitator

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