Deliberative Panels


Deliberative panels bring everyday people together with stakeholders and governments to co-create solutions to hugely complex dilemmas. We love them as we can tailor them to meet our clients and community’s needs.

Carers in the ACT Deliberative Panel

How do we make Canberra a carer-friendly city? should we better recognise and support carers?

Along with our new friends at Carers ACT we are runninga deliberative process to inform the ACT Government’s new Carers Strategy. This small deliberative panel is unique in that it has been designed to maximise the participation of carers – so the panel will sit in short sessions and respite is being provided. About one third of the panel will be non-carers, however we recognise that we all might be carers someday. Recruitment for this panel is being done through the media.

For more information go the the Carers ACT Website where you can also contribute to the discussion. 

To RSVP, please click here

For media on this check out: A new strategy for carers


Community Engagement Charter – Planning Together Panel

During mid 2017 we worked with 50 randomly selected South Australians and 50 planning professionals to draft a new Community Engagement Charter- which is a centrepiece in South Australia’s new planning reform process. Under the new Planning Act, it is required that all planning decisions be grounded by a ‘Community Engagement Charter’ which describes the principles and measures which are important for engagement around planning.


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The 50 randomly selected South Australians comprised of an age range from 18-77, with 22% representation from Regional SA. Planning professionals from local government, industry and state government supported the panel in their work.

The panel’s work can be found here:

Letter to the SA Community

Planning Together Panel Report

To support the panel, we developed a discussion guide with the support of Matt Davis of Davis + Davis Architects.

The discussion guide can be found here.

For more information check out the SA Planning Portal and the YourSAy website.

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SA Power Networks Deliberative Panel

In early 2016 we worked with SA Power Networks to develop a set of decision making principles to help them ensure that customer impacts are given a similar focus to economic impacts in their decision making processes. The Panel consisted of 2 groups – randomly selected South Australians and Energy Stakeholders. Both groups were bought together for 2 evening sessions, producing intelligent advice that will last for the next decision cycle and beyond. The group’s work will be posted once it has been received by the Executive at SA Power Networks. 

Transforming Criminal Justice – Community Based Sentencing

In late 2015, we ran a deliberative panel process for the Attorney General the Hon John Rau as part of his major reform program to improve the criminal justice system. Our role was to design and facilitate the process, recruit the 20 person panel, and coach and mentor key staff in deliberative practice. You can find a run down of the reform program here and our report is found at this link.

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