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As closet politicians, we take every opportunity to support governments in their policy making processes. We love having the freedom that they sometimes don’t have to push to the edges of amazing deliberative practice. Here’s what we’ve been doing lately in policy making. 


Working Together: A Joined-Up Policy Guide

During 2016 we worked with the SA Government to develop and write Working Together.

Our lives are becoming more complex, and the problems and issues which get the attention of government increasingly cut across multiple portfolios. As part of the SA Governments’ committment to Better Together, it has become apparent that there is a whole lot of work to be done inside of government to help government staff develop ‘joined up policy’.

On the 10th March 2017 we had the honour of being part of the launch of the Working Together Joined up Policy Guide. While the guide is a useful document (we think so because we were so involved in writing it!), it will take a lot of effort to shift to doing better joined up polocy making. To support this in SA, we have instigated a cluster of ‘policy champions’ who will lead the way – and support their agencies and colleagues to work better together. This approach is a world first!

Working Together: Joined up Policy Guide

Joined Up Policy Report

Better Together

In 2016, democracyCo were commissioned to update and refresh the internationally recognised Better Together Engagement Policy for the Government of South Australia. This work recognised the specialist skills of the democracyCo team in policy design, engagement delivery and deliberative practice. Accompanying this significant policy is an entire program and movement in South Australia, supported by the Premiers Reforming Democracy Agenda. Both Emma and Emily take great pride in this work and are also privileged to work with the Better Together team in the Department of the Premier & Cabinet. 

Better Together Principles of Engagement Handbook

Reforming Democracy Website (external)

Better Together Website (external)


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A new deliberative strategy

In 2015, we were commissioned to craft a significant ‘thought piece’ on the benefits and risks to government and the Australian public of engagement process with a particular focus on deliberative engagement for an Australian jurisdiction. This work has not been released by our client, as it contains an element of ‘work in progress’. We focussed in this policy piece on the role of the public servant, and also unwrapped the issue of trust. Our combined expertise in politics and practice meant that this piece has applicability at the highest executive level of government as well as with public servants. Keep an eye on our blog, we may well release snippets of our thinking and research from time to time!

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