South Australia Murray Darling NRM Board Deliberative Panel

As a Board member on the SA Murray Darling Natural Resources Management Board, Emily has been supporting the organisation for the last 8 years to embed deliberative practice into their work.

In November 2015, the Board was challenged with a significant budgetary dilemma which was as the result of changes in the way government manages Water Planning in SA. 

This dilemma forced the Board to make a change to the levies – which all South Australians pay towards the management of natural resources. Not wanting to increase costs to the community, the Board (under Emily’s expert advice as a Board member) designed a deliberative panel process to garner attitudes towards potential increases.

What ensued was a highly sophisticated region wide conversation led by Max Hardy and Danielle Annells – sharing the dilemma of reducing programs, keeping the work going or significantly ramping up effort. democracyCo also conducted the recruitment of the panel of about 60 people. Over 10,000 people were invited to attend across a region with a population of 125,000 people using multiple datasets.

NRM Deliberative Panel Outcomes

Video: reflections of the process 

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