“In mid-2017 we decided to embark on our very first citizens’ jury, on a complex and politically sensitive topic – the reform of the Compulsory Third Party Insurance System. DemocracyCo was appointed to design, implement and facilitate an appropriate process. We found democracyCo to be a safe pair of hands. Emma and Emily deeply understood our objectives and were able to deliver on them in a way that was flexible and responsive to need. Overall, we found Emma and Emily to be intelligent and professional. We enjoyed working with them and would recommend them to other governments seeking to involve stakeholders and the community in complex reform.” ​
Anita Perkins, Executive Director, Communications & Engagement, Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Development Directorate, ACT, 2018
“It is with pleasure that we are able to provide a testimonial of their [democracyCo’s] professionalism, deep understating of deliberative process (including Citizen’s Jury) and their capability to successfully train others in citizens’ jury processes and delivery.”
Dan Popping, Strategic Engagement, Department of the Premier and Cabinet, SA, 2017 ​
“democracyCo are a safe pair of hands”
Chris Steel MLC, Minister for City Services, ACT (taken from ACT Parliament Hansard) 2018
"This panel is trying to let Mr and Mrs Joe Blow have their say, which is unusual for governments in my experience"
Deliberative Panel member
“I think that the value of the social capital built during these weekends and general good will developed between the public, professionals and government cannot be underestimated. The positive effect of opportunities like this will ripple out into the community well into the future”
Community leader, Community Engagement Charter
"I feel that regardless of whether the views expressed by such a panel as ours are incorporated in legislation, in whole or in part, or heaven forbid, totally rejected, our legislators are left in no doubt what those views are and that they were reached via a legitimate and well debated process".
Member, Planning Together Panel
"The experience I had with being involved in the Jury process was a very valuable one and it was made all the more valuable and knowledgable due to the professionalism and remarkable way Democracy Co facilitators handled each and every process. I would recommend Emma and Emily to anyone for their knowledge and hard work and the professional way the conducted all of the processes. thank you and well done! "
Juror Dog & Cat Citizens’ Jury
"Being a jury member was a great learning experience on several levels. The fact that 35 randomly selected individuals can come together and work collectively to address an important issue speaks volumes for the facilitators and the spirit in which everyone approched the process."
John P, Dog & Cat Jury
"I felt honoured to work with both of you in what was a very large project and one that was so important. my experience is one that i will remeber forever as a committment by you to help all communities and the rights of both individuals and the group to achieve such a great outcome A job well done Emma and Emily. Thank you for the privilege of working with you both."
Glyn, Nuclear Juror
"Wow what an amazing process - and outcome! I hope this continues to be the new way forward for democracy and the wider public is given the opportunity to understand how citizens juries work, make a difference and matter within their community."
Juror, Nuclear Waste Storage Citizens’ Jury 1
"As a migrant from non democratic societies, it was so reassuring that such a respectful democratic process was alive and well. This is a right, not many societies, let along individuals get the opportunity to participate in. It was facilitated beautifully. Our future is assured, as the knowledge, respect, insight of the younger jurors was so very impressive. A fantastic process to be involved in, Thank You!"
Marcel - Participant