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Inspiring and advocating collaborative decision making requires more than a traditional consultancy normally offers. It requires bravery! 

I’d like to think there is a bit of a think tank, who have independence in getting some interesting ‘skunkwork’ style things happening, no name projects that can be done out of the main arm of government to try stuff and see what comes of it. I’m excited by innovation in the government. Even if it’s tiny, it puts more power and influence in the hands of the people.” – Juror

We are specialists in helping people come together to consider complex issues and make lasting decisions.

Our specialist skills include:

  • the ability to objectively work with varying interests, dynamics and politics,
  • advocating for community & citizens when they are not in the room,
  • the ability to support healthy dialogue between stakeholders, politicians and everyday citizens
  • designing and delivery process that is suited to learning needs, group dynamics and uses consensus building techniques
  • a commitment to deliberative practice and trailing new methodologies inspired by international experts & ground breaking research
  • a belief in the wisdom of all participants, citizens and decision makers alike to arrive at a collaborative decision which they all ‘accept’
DemocracyCo has an excellent reputation for providing high quality collaborative outcomes.



Strategy & Policy Development

We design bespoke deliberative processes which are targeted to people, timelines and budget. Have a problem, challenge or opportunity that you want to address? For deliberative practice to work, the best first step is to develop a strategy for exploring the issue with those affected or interested.

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Facilitation & Design

We manage and facilitate deliberative processes. Successful deliberative practice does not stop when you get people in the room – it’s about switching on their collective potential and getting the best out of people and groups.

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Partnership Building & Collaboration

What could be better than having all the supporters and all potential blockers working together to support a community/citizen based process? Its immensely powerful and we do this for every project we work on.

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Advancing the practice

We help and support people to get better at deliberative practice. Whether its training, advice, or simply sharing our learnings, our big hope is that by advancing the practice, we can improve the way decisions are made.

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Citizens’ Juries

Unlike every other company or organisation in Australia that runs citizens juries (and other deliberative processes involving random selection), we are the only company who are experienced and able to run the entire process from “end to end”.

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