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We develop deliberative strategies for policy, programs or projects that feature and require citizen or stakeholder involvement.

Have a problem, challenge or opportunity that you want to address? For deliberative practice to work, the best first step is to develop a strategy for exploring the issue with those affected or interested. This means involving these people from the start. Deliberative practice doesn’t work if it is undertaken after the issue has been completely considered internally and decisions made! The best situation is one where everybody goes on the ride together.

At democracy Co we can help design a deliberative strategy for your issue – a strategy which involves those you need and want to involve.

The processes we design for participation and deliberation meet circumstances and needs. There is NO one size fits all – every situation is different. The citizens or organisations affected are different, the issues are different, funds available will differ and the scope for participation and deliberation will be different.

democracyCo work closely with our clients to understand the issues requiring deliberation, the parameters for decision making, the communities being affected, the timelines required and budget available. Central to our work is a co-creation approach which sets all parties up for success.

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