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We believe that in the long term outsourcing relationship building with citizens and stakeholders doesn’t work.

Agencies, organisations and governments need to build relationships between themselves and their communities. Doing this can require organisational change. The changes required are unique to that organisation. There may be the need to establish an engagement policy, build skills, change processes, procedures or governing rules or sometimes pay attention to culture. We offer organisational assessments to Chief Executives or leaders wanting to improve the way their teams work. This involves working with the leadership group initially to identify what the impediments to a more citizen focused approach are, and then tailoring a process and products to help organisations achieve the change they want to see.

We offer:

  • Reviewing existing communications and engagement policies of the organisation
  • Work with the agency to write an engagement strategy to establish the standards and expectations by that agency’s staff
  • Prepare a ‘how to guide’ to engagement for the organisation
  • Developing training specific to agency, level and job type.
  • Reviewing and advising on changes to broader policies and or procedures that may be impacting on how an organisation involves citizens.
  • Providing or arranging appropriate coaching or mentoring support for leaders and or staff.


Human beings are social creatures, however many of the systems we create in our governments or businesses conflict with this strong natural instinct.

Changing work practice and culture in a sustainable way requires building internal skills and approaches within and ensuring that systems and processes are conducive to pursuing more collaborative forms of decision making. democracyCo identifies barriers to success and reprograms organisations and teams to perform better. We help to build deliberative muscle – stronger, better and more flexible organisations.

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