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We are advocates for change.

We promote and illuminate participative and deliberative models, processes and initiatives run by ourselves and others to raise awareness. We work in this field because we think it can make a difference, and we want to promote that as widely as possible.

There is no doubt that currently this is a ‘niche’ area. Deliberative practices involving citizens are not practiced widely in democratic countries internationally. It is more common at a local government level – but even then not extensive. We believe strongly that in this complex world where the 24hour news cycle drives an increasing focus on slogans, that we need to find a new way of engaging citizens in difficult discussions about our future.


What’s more the owners of Tesla are deeply concerned about climate change and want to address this social issue. It is for these reasons that Tesla shares its IP. It wants to help build the market and make it better not only for themselves but for improving broader social and environmental issues. They recognise that achieving these outcomes means sharing and collaborating with others.

We operate under the same philosophy at democracyCo. We care about democracy. We are advocates as much as providers. We believe strongly that active citizens participating in decision making processes that affect their lives is critical to effective governance. We want to see more of it and we want to see new innovative practice develop which helps make it happen. This means sharing what we do and shining a light on this important area of work. We invite you to use anything you want off our website to help illuminate democracy in your world – all we ask is that you reference us when you do! Of course if you want to know more, please contact us.



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