Our Philosophy


We are not driven by profits or power. We believe in people. Simple as that. pic-06

 We work on projects that…


Build trust…

pic-02 “Trust is such a significant issue and there is so little confidence by government that we have the skill, knowledge, experience, courage or integrity to take on this task.” Juror, Nuclear Citizens Jury 2016

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Allow for carefully considered input…

Citrizens Jury colur pic

 This process was a great learning experience for me. I learned lot more about government process, citizens juries and so much more. I learned how to become a more active citizen and to think more critically about political and controversial issues. Juror, Dog & Cat Management Jury 2015

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Result in enduring solutions…



“In government, if someone writes a well considered letter, puts a stamp on, sends it off, they can be lucky to get a response in 3 weeks. Yet someone writes an all caps one line tweet and pressure is applied to instantly react and respond.” Stakeholder Citizens Jury on Cycling 2014

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Share problems & solutions… hero-democracy-cmon

“A big aha moment came at the very beginning when a juror made the statement that this wasn’t about cars v’s bikes. It’s about people sharing the road. All of a sudden we had something really positive to work with” Emily Jenke, Facilitator Cycling Jury 2014

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