Our electorate working together

Our work with Governments is almost always focused on supporting the public service and Ministers to understand what community or other groups such as business or non-government organisations think – and more specifically where they can agree. In doing so … Read More

The challenges facing our democracy: A case for change

A wide range of institutions, including democracy, economics, religion, gender, technology and higher education, are showing signs of acute stress or outright failure. …. In this dangerous historical moment, we need to urgently heed Plato’s warning and re-imagine our social … Read More

SA Health Award Winners 2020

Excellence in Strengthening Partnerships “We’ve got wonderful partnerships and relationships with many people now. This is going to be useful for Public Health going forward” Professor Nicola Spurrier, Chief Public Health Officer, South Australia  The work we desgined and delivered … Read More

Online deliberation, the Jury’s verdict is in!

Online engagement given In our last blog, we reflected on our 7 lessons from our virtual citizens jury (click here to read), and indicated that we were surveying our jurors to understand their experiences. We’re sharing those here…. and, we … Read More

democracyCo COVID-19 Innovation

At democracyCo our work is centred around working together with people in communities across Australia and internationally. Everyday, people are at the centre of what we do. With the rapidly changing environment in society due to COVID19, our business, like … Read More

The fundamentals of deliberative democracy

There are 6 key elements to deliberative democracy – which when used in combination support successful sustainable policy development. We are delighted to have published our expertise in collaboration with ANZSOG – and we hope you find this little publication … Read More

Let’s take Australian democracy to the next level

democracyCo was recently contacted by a resident of Victoria – Robert Salter, who has a passion for improving our democracy. Robert contacted us as he was wanting to set up a community group to advocate for improved involvement of citizens … Read More

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