Doing democracy globally

Last week I flew to the US to attend a multinational research exchange at the Kettering Foundation, in Ohio. This was my third year working with the foundation – to explore and find ways to get ‘our’ democracies working as … Read More

Seven ways to raise the citizens’ voice

Across the world we are seeing an increasing trend towards citizens wanting to have a voice in how they are governed. We have seen the emergence of a plethora of online tools designed to raise the voices of individuals, build … Read More

A new frontier! People’s Policy

democracyCo are excited to today launch a new frontier of deliberative democracy – People’s Policy. A coalition of non-government and philanthropic organisations are working with us on an innovative worldwide first for democracy to focus attention on reducing the number … Read More

Opinion is King

As conveners of the recent citizens’ jury on nuclear waste storage in South Australia we explore the trend towards individualism, its consequences for public policy and the opportunities offered by deliberative democracy in forging a new way forward. Our Opinion … Read More

Marriage Equality: it’s time to ask the jury

Opinion – Emma Lawson With the issue of marriage equality in Australia having now stalled, community engagement expert Emma Lawson suggests that the citizens’ jury process might point to a way forward. Now that a plebiscite on same-sex marriage is … Read More

Democracy Co takes a new style of government to the world

Ahead of running the second citizens’ jury on South Australia’s nuclear involvement, the two locals behind Democracy Co talk about how a personal revelation became a thriving international business. Emma Lawson and Emily Jenke have been involved with the machinations … Read More

International Success

In Mid 2016 we won the contract to train members of the Singaporean Government in Citizens Juries. Press Release Singapore Success

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