Complex Engagement & Online Deliberation


We are innovative and thrive in the current changing environment

Being ‘people people’, you may think that we would avoid online deliberation and online engagement – but the opposite is true. We know that people will find a way to understand and be understood – even if they are sitting opposite another separated by a screen.

We use online methods and a variety of tools to support productive and relational dialogue – enabling people to think together, work together and collaborate together. We’ve had a lot of incredible recent experiences which equip us to support you to continue engaging your community. At a time when our governments are asking us to give up many personal liberties due to Covid-19, now is not the time to stop engaging.

Complex community engagement can be done online and can be done well…. Working online enables you to reach new audiences and improve the accessibility of your process – increasing community participation beyond that which can be possible face to face. It is flexible, it is adaptive and participants love it.

So if you are a community engager and want some support to help you move your clients process online or if you are wanting to hire expert facilitators to design and or implement a engagement process in full or in part online please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs.

“I think that you did an amazing job moving the final weekend to an online process at such short notice. I feel it worked really well. I loved the break outs into the small groups and it felt like it was a ‘beam me up, Scotty’ moment when we re-joined the main group again. Happy for you to share my contact details with the people who you mentioned might like to talk to jurors about the online experience.”
Participant, RACQ CTP Citizens’ Jury

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