democracyCo COVID-19 Innovation

At democracyCo our work is centred around working together with people in communities across Australia and internationally.
Everyday, people are at the centre of what we do.

With the rapidly changing environment in society due to COVID19, our business, like many, is needing to be agile and responsive to these changes.

We are innovating and thinking outside the square of what it possible to ensure that we can continue to provide quality services to all of our clients.  We also continue to proudly stand by our values and the principles which underpin our business. 


We are accustomed to working differently, as our practices push the boundaries and challenge thinking daily. In short, we thrive in this environment.


We are using technology and online meeting platforms to connect and bring groups together, as well as using a number of platforms designed for collaboration, whilst at all times ensuring that we use tools that are ‘fit for purpose’. As with face to face engagement – there is no one tool that suits all.


We are in contact with and working in collaboration with professionals in our field nationally and internationally to share experiences and best practice about how we best undertake complex engagement online.


Meanwhile we are also taking care of our families and loved ones – and continuing to support those who are most vulnerable and at risk. We are conscious that the challenges we are facing may well have a long way to go. Having said this we have seen the strength of communities here and overseas – we have faith in humanity.


We are ‘people people’ and we always will be.  


This is a time to take care of each other, be empathetic and kind.

Emma, Emily and the democracyCo family

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