Better Suburbs, Australian Capital Territory

By 2030, Canberra will be home to half a million people. Suburbs will look and feel different and city services will need to respond to changing expectations.

How land is used for housing and other purposes, how people move around the city, care for the environment and have services and space that allow them (and their animals) to be social will be different. The Better Suburbs Statement provides a shared vision for city servicing in 2030, along with short term priorities that will lead to this goal.

The Approach

In 2018, democracyCo was engaged to facilitate a process to enable the creation of the Better Suburbs Statement which reflects the value the community places on the many services provided by Transport Canberra and City Services.
democracyCo facilitated a 4 day process with 50 Canberrans to create the Statement. This project showcased a first step towards participatory budgeting, with the community considering what its priorities were, and what types of activities could be invested in.
Following on from the 4 day process, democracyCo facilitated a 5th day with 60 people – to determine the criteria for the investment of $1.9m for Canberra’s play spaces. This workshop set the criteria for a subsequent citizen group to make the final decision.

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