Citizens’ Jury: Reducing the numbers of Unwanted Dogs and Cats, South Australia

* IAP2 Core Values Award Winning Project *

In late 2014, democracyCo designed and facilitated a citizens’ jury for the South Australian Dog and Cat Management Board.

Major reforms were underway to curb the huge increases in unwanted pets, and the Environment Minister, wanted community policy designed around key reform objectives. 

35 South Australians were selected to be part of the Jury. The Jury sat for 5 sessions over a 2 month period.

The Dog & Cat Citizens Jury was supported by a Core Reference Group – who oversaw the process and assisted in providing the Jury with balanced evidence. 

This group included:

  • The Dog and Cat Management Board
  • The Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources
    The RSPCA (SA)
  • Animal Welfare League
  • Local Government Association (SA)
  • The Australian Veterinary Association (SA/NT Division)

The Jury’s report can be found here.

Reports / Outcomes / Influence

The recommendations from the Citizens Jury have now nearly all been legislated and regulated.

The new laws can be found here.

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