Citizens’ Jury: Sharing the Roads Safely, South Australia

In 2014, Emily facilitated the highly successful and controversial Citizens Jury which explored how motorists and cyclists can share the road safely. Over a 6 week period, 43 jurors deeply explored the ways in which both government and society could work together to share the roads safely.

Emily’s design and support ensured that the Jury received the best expert advice from all over Australia, undertook an authentic deliberation process consisting of creative facilitation, choice work, and reflective discussion using an online portal. 

Excitingly, in October 2015, new laws were passed embedding the Jury’s recommendations into South Australian legislation. As the ‘Cycling on Footpaths’ Law is being bought into SA, the Jury’s recommendation on this has caused a lot of interest. This ‘Cycling on Footpaths Overview’ will help you to understand how the Jury arrived at this decision.

As is standard practice, the Jury was supported by a Core Reference Group who oversaw the process and ensured that the Jury was exposed to a balanced range of evidence.

This group included:

  • Deputy Chief of Staff, Premier’s Office
  • Department of the Premier and Cabinet
  • Local Government Association (SA)
  • SA Police
  • Royal Automobile Association (RAA)
  • Department of Planning and Transport Infrastructure
  • Department of Education and Child Development
  • Motor Accident Commission SA

The Jury’s Report can be found here as can their creative commons licensed Library of Ideas.

Reports / Outcomes / Influence

The recommendations from the Sharing the Roads Safely Citizens Jury have now nearly all been legislated and regulated.
The new laws can be found here

One of the Jury’s recommendations about tenancy laws is still being debated in the SA Parliament with a recent speech by Mark Parnell MLC

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