Community Panel, Wellbeing South Australia

The creation of Wellbeing SA was a focus of the South Australian Government over 2018-2019. Wellbeing SA will lead innovative system change to embed prevention across the life course and disease continuum, to improve physical, mental and social wellbeing and reduce the preventable burden of disease.

This rebalancing of the health system will mean a significant change from a system that focuses on treating people when they become unwell, to one that is based on promoting physical, mental and social wellbeing, preventing ill health and supporting individuals and communities to maintain health and wellbeing.

In establishing Wellbeing SA, SA Health was lazer focused on ensuring that South Australians contributed to its long-term plan and asked democracyCo to facilitate a community planning process.

The Approach

A community Panel of 35 South Australians from all walks of life was recruited  – varying in ages, from regional and metropolitan areas, culturally diverse and with a specific group of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community members. This group met together for 3 half-day workshops to identify what wellbeing meant to them, consider what the focus of Wellbeing SA should be and provide considered advice to Wellbeing SA.

**Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Wellbeing SA Strategic Plan has been delayed.


"Emily is an amazing facilitator; engaging, professional, inclusive and diplomatic."
“Thank you, for giving me this opportunity. It was a very interesting experience and there were very different views presented. People were allowed to talk through their views and great respect was given to them. I gained by listening to the modality of younger participants and also through the advocacy of people carrying their own agendas that were different to mine.
You have created a broad based framework, the like of which I have seen in a different context, which will become a platform and a source of change for disenfranchised sectors of our community and has the capacity to authentically adapt to community needs. Finally, the representatives chosen from the group have demonstrated their authenticity during the sessions and I wish them and your group a very productive time in the next few years”
Mark, Wellbeing Panel, 2019
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