Citizens’ Jury, RACQ Queensland

In 2019/20 democracyCo designed and facilitated a citizens’ jury to consider the improvements that could be made to Queensland motor accident Insurance scheme for RACQ.

For our innovative pivot to an Online Citizens' Jury, we were awarded the IAP2 Core Values Award (Health Category) for 2020.

As a mutual organisation, RACQ works to benefit its members and since 1905 has advocated for Queensland motorists. RACQ felt that Queenslanders should have the right to consider if the compulsory motor injury insurance they pay for, provides the best cover for the money they pay. RACQ convened the Jury to enable them to better advocate for reforms to the CTP scheme that their members and the broader community want to see.

The Approach

A jury of 40 Queenslanders met for 5 days to consider the following question:

“how can our motor injury insurance scheme be improved to better support people injured on Queensland roads, now and into the future?”

Between the Jury’s second and final weekend, the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic that swept the world in early 2020 changed everything for the process. It was deemed no longer safe for the jurors to meet face to face but the Jury members and RACQ wanted to complete the process.

So, democracyCo swiftly pivoted the process to an online dimension. Our wonderful pioneering jurors met over 2 days of virtual workshops to complete their work. To complicate the process, state border closures meant that democracyCo facilitated the Jury across 3 states and 3 time-zones. The Jurors and facilitators were supported in working in this online environment by IT expert Timothy Downing.

The Jury made 10 recommendations and presented their report to RACQ who in turn provided it to the Treasurer of Queensland and the Motor Accident Insurance Commissioner. RACQ will now continue to advocate for the changes that the Jury recommended in the lead up to the Queensland State elections in late 2020.

Online Tools

We used a combination of Zoom, Google Docs, PollEv and Basecamp to deliver the online jury.

We have written our reflections and initial learnings on our blog:


“Splendid people to work with, and did a fantastic job keeping everyone on task and topic. Diplomatic, adjusted well to environmental issue 🙂 and even when going 'online' continued with their exemplary communications.”
RACQ Juror, April 2020
“My experience as a Jury member was positive, exciting, challenging and a learning experience that had shaped how I interact with diverse people from different backgrounds who share a range of opinions.”
RACQ Juror, April 2020
“I again want to reiterate what a tremendous job demco performed in setting up the online platforms and making everything work. The scrambling behind the scenes would have made for some long hours and I appreciate it. It worked tremendously well.”
RACQ Juror, April 2020
“Amazing, to have a diverse group of people agree in a small amount of time on something that most had no idea about. Very complex matter and a great outcome was achieved.”
RACQ Juror, April 2020
“Great opportunity to provide input and have a say. Informative on a topic. Collaborative team work. Great facilitation process. Not only given 3 options to response - yes, no or unsure - but could jot down our points as to why we choose that option. This gave visibility of why others agreed/disagreed.”
RACQ Juror, April 2020
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