Nuclear Waste Storage Citizens Juries: South Australia

In 2016, The South Australian government considered the opportunity to store and dispose of the worlds high level Nuclear waste.

Both juries were conducted on the back of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission which was established by the South Australian Government in 2015 to undertake an independent and comprehensive investigation into the potential for increasing South Australia’s participation in the nuclear fuel cycle. Both Juries straddled one of the largest community consultation processes ever held in South Australia.

The Approach

democracyCo facilitated the Two Citizens Juries in June/July 2016 and then in late 2016.

Jury one consisted of 54 people who analysed the Nuclear Fuel Cycle’s Royal Commission Report and highlighted the issues that need to be discussed and resolved in the community.

Jury two was the largest citizen’s jury ever conducted in the world – involving 350 people to consider “Under what circumstances (if any) could South Australia pursue the opportunity to store and dispose of nuclear waste from other countries?”

Jury two was supported by the production of a deliberative guide, produced by The Jefferson Centre.

A team of 16 skilled facilitators, the largest collaboration of deliberative facilitators in Australia, worked together to support the Jury under the leadership of democracyCo.

Reports / Outcomes / Influence

  • I have enjoyed working with Emily and Emma on the steering group for the Nuclear Citizens jury. They are dynamic, professional and driven to see community views expressed and understood.
    Rob Kerin
    Chair of Primary Producers SA, Chair Regional Development Australia & Former South Australian Premier
  • democracyCo accepted an incredibly challenging and controversial project around the potential future of high level nuclear waste storage in SA. Their commitment to fairness and a transparent process in extremely difficult circumstances is to be applauded.
    Nigel McBride
    Chief Executive, Business SA, South Australia’s peak Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • …we as a society need to ensure our democracy is alive, vibrant and representative of our citizen’s values, morals and culture.

    Nuclear Juror

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