Towards Zero Homelessness, South Australia

Over the last few years, democracyCo has been supporting a series of Adelaide partners led by the Don Dunstan Foundation to achieve functional zero homelessness – putting an end to street homelessness in the city.

The Approach

Most recently democracyCo facilitated a process where people with lived experience of homelessness, service providers, interested citizens and support agencies came together to create a project Charter – a document which all South Australians can sign to show their support. This Charter was a world first to support a project of this scale, and includes a pledge and a series of actions that everyday citizens can take to contribute to the goal of ending street homelessness.

This project has 35 project partners – all working together to address the 148 people currently sleeping rough – and provide them, and others at risk of homelessness with support. This approach included 50 people working together over a series of nights. The group drafted a charter which was endorsed by the Sponsor group – and will now form the centre of the new website which is currently being built to engage all people in and around Adelaide.

Get Involved

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