Working Together: A Joined-Up Policy Guide, South Australia

During 2016 we worked with the SA Government to develop and write Working Together.

Our lives are becoming more complex, and the problems and issues which get the attention of government increasingly cut across multiple portfolios. As part of the SA Governments' commitment to Better Together, it has become apparent that there is a whole lot of work to be done inside of government to help government staff develop 'joined up policy'.

On the 10th March 2017 we had the honour of being part of the launch of the Working Together Joined up Policy Guide. While the guide is a useful document (we think so because we were so involved in writing it!), it will take a lot of effort to shift to doing better joined up policy making. To support this in SA, we have instigated a cluster of ‘policy champions’ who will lead the way – and support their agencies and colleagues to work better together. This approach is a world first!

Working Together: Joined up Policy Guide

Joined Up Policy Report

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