Youth Action Plan

In 2019 the Department of Human Services embarked on the development of the South Australian Youth Action Plan 2020-2022. The Action Plan is focussed on establishing clarity on what needs to be done in South Australia to support young people to:

• Access quality and affordable education and training;
• Engage in South Australian based employment opportunities;
• Participate and connect within their communities; and
• Access help and support if needed.

The Approach

A group of 50 young people were recruited to provide a diverse range of views and perspectives. The Youth Panel convened for a weekend in Adelaide and developed the Vision, Outcomes and Measures for the plan. 

Supporting the Youth Panel was a Government Task Group – made up of over 20 government agencies who have an interest in young people, or provide government services to them. The purpose of convening the Task Group was to establish and carry through a ‘whole of government’ approach to implementing the Youth Action Plan.

6 members of the Youth Panel joined the Task Group to ensure there was youth involvement in the government focused action planning phase of the draft plan.

Reports / Outcomes / Influence

The Youth Action Plan has been released by the South Australian Government and is found on this here

The report which was written by the Youth Panel during their 2 day workshop together can be found here


“These programs will improve young people's confidence in taking actions.”
YP member
“I am really thankful for the opportunity and can't express how amazing and lifechanging the experience was.”
YP member
“I really liked the level of engagement the young people demonstrated and their commitment to deal with complex and multifaceted issues in a very considered and intelligent way. It was noticeable that there was a broad range of views within each of the groups but discussion was always respectful and enabling of others (would be a great lesson for our parliaments)!”

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