Organisational Support

We help governments, non-government organisations and industry to better connect with the communities they seek to serve by supporting organisations to look at the impediments to this connection and implement change.

When you work in policy in government it is easy to become separated from the community you serve.

Unlike elected representatives there is no impetus or obvious simple mechanism for those in senior positions or central agencies to connect directly with the general public.

There is a tendency by some to assume that the issues raised in the media are representative of the views of the community.

Our experience, as a consequence of listening to people involved in the many processes we run, is that media does not provide an adequate proxy to actually talking to people.


“I feel that regardless of whether the views expressed by such a panel as ours are incorporated in legislation, in whole or in part, or heaven forbid, totally rejected, our legislators are left in no doubt what those views are and that they were reached via a legitimate and well debated process”.

Participant, Planning Together Panel

democracyCo supports the public service to create the conditions necessary to better incorporate the needs of the community into their work.

There are various obstacles or challenges facing government and non-government agencies which create difficulties in listening to and involving the community. These challenges can relate to structures, processes or people.

We conduct assessment processes to determine what the challenges are and then work with the organisation / agency involved to design appropriate responses.

These include the following;

Human beings are social creatures, however many of the systems we create in our governments or businesses conflict with this natural instinct.

Changing work practice and culture in a sustainable way requires building internal skills and approaches within and ensuring that systems and processes are conducive to pursuing more collaborative forms of decision making. democracyCo identifies barriers to success and reprograms organisations and teams to perform better.

Get Involved.

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democracyCo’s work is undertaken on the lands of Australia’s First Nations People.

For millennia, you as the ancestors have been guardians of this Country and we deeply respect and acknowledge Elders past, present and emerging.

As we collaborate together, democracyCo will look to Australia’s First Nations people, the world’s oldest living culture, for guidance that will help sustain our connection to Country and inform the work that we do to bring people together.

Our work is in service to Reconciliation and to moving forward together.

We acknowledge that we have much work to do.