Prioritised Budgets​

We design processes which enable governments to work with the community to build understanding about budget trade-offs and prioritise expenditure.

One of the greatest challenges for governments during fiscally constrained times is engaging the population (including stakeholders) in addressing budget issues

There is always somebody with a vested interest in a project, initiative or portfolio – meaning that cuts are seldom supported by everyone. It is of course easy to criticise any individual budget cut when it stands on its own. 

Addressing this involves building understanding of the ‘trade- offs’ involved in the government’s decision making. With online technologies – there are now many ways in which these ‘trade-offs’ can be demonstrated in a fun and interactive way.

One of the greatest criticisms of government programs or policies are that not all consequences have been understood and considered by all parties. This can frustrate progress and chip away at trust. 

Prioritising government expenditure

We know that everyday people have the capacity, skills and desire to work together with governments to understand the trade-offs and consequences…as long as they have access to the information they need – which is normally hard to access.


We work with governments to develop strategies which support the community to make tough choices.

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