Our electorate working together

Our work with Governments is almost always focused on supporting the public service and Ministers to understand what community or other groups such as business or non-government organisations think – and more specifically where they can agree. In doing so we are assisting in raising the voices of those outside of government – and we are helping to bring their knowledge and expertise into the work of government. We love this work – and we feel it is important for making our democracy to be as strong as it can be. However, we are always on the look out for how we can further contribute to our democracy….

Recent analysis of research undertaken by the Museum of the Australian Democracy – led us to a new idea!

This research, as well as our own experience gave us some useful insights into what both politicians and the public think about our democracy and how it can be improved…. And we realised that the application of deliberative methods by local members, could potentially assist local representatives to understand and representing their constituents’ views within their respective party and or directly within Parliament.

At this stage – this is just an idea; we are keen to further develop the concept and trial it with a few local members at both a state and federal level. It may even be useful for those seeking to represent their community.

Anyway – have a read and see what you think.

If you have any feedback on the concept – or if you are interested in helping us trial this concept – we would love to hear from you – so give us a call

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