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Raising the Citizens Voice

Across the world we are seeing an increasing trend towards citizens wanting to have a voice in how they are governed. We have seen the emergence of a plethora of online tools designed to raise the voices of individuals, build communities of similar thinkers and ultimately influence the agendas of government. Whether it be Facebook, Twitter, online petitions or others… citizens’ want to have a say and they want governments to respond accordingly.

The challenge of course is that the views expressed through these mediums are invariably polarised and often, ill-informed.

Undeniably governments and the public sectors that support them are in an invidious position. When governments don’t act in accordance with the weight of community view this can result in a disenfranchised community and can undermine trust between citizens and the government. Alternatively when they act in accordance, it can lead to significant risks, or negative consequences.

So what does government do?

This course will explore ways of building an informed community enabling a more meaningful discussion between government and community about the best way forward.

For Australian public servants (including Local Government) we are now running this program through the Australia New Zealand School of Government (ANZSOG). Click below to register your interest or contact us to learn more.  

If you are not an Australian or New Zealand Public servant, please click here to find out more.

“Fantastic training. Learned heaps and it was all really applicable to my day to day work. Stories and examples were great”
RCV training ACT participant 2019

Other Training Opportunities

We are developing tailored training all the time. Register your interest in one of our training courses and we will get in touch, or click the links below and tell us what you need!

Building successful partnerships with industry and NGO’s

It is often difficult for government to achieve its objectives on its own – it often needs or wants to involve industry and or non-government organisations. Learn the most effective ways of building collaborative relationships and partnerships and how to build trust and keep it. 

Managing Risk – creating the right environment to guarantee your project’s success.

There can be a lot of risks associated with embarking on major changes to policy and the development of new or amended legislation. How and when to manage ‘going public’ and or involving stakeholders in this process can be a difficult decision.

This training program explores how to make these decisions. You will explore real life examples provided by participants of situations that they have experienced in the past, currently or expect to encounter into the future.

This training is for management / Executive level and is currently under development. Interested?

Bring democracy to the Board Room

Want to learn how to transform your board and be more deliberative in how you work? Want to know how to get the most out of your board members?

This half day training will introduce you to the benefits of critical thinking and deliberative techniques – and enable you to transform your precious time together. This is designed for organisations and their Boards to attend together.

Revolutionising meetings

Feel like your meetings go nowhere, that people go around in circles, do you feel like you aren’t getting the most out of the time and they don’t support the development of positive collaborative relationships…Prefer to be somewhere else? 

As a senior person in the public service most of your day can be spent in meetings – let’s make them worthwhile. This punchy session will give you a range of simple ideas which will revolutionise your day to day workplace; improving productivity and creativity of your workplace.

Re-thinking the policy cycle – ensuring a successful policy development process

Where in the policy cycle should we be talking to the community and stakeholders about your policy work?

What are the best ways of including them in the process? 

What sort of engagement processes should be used at different stages. This training is new and is currently being developed. Think it might be what you need?

Testimonials from our previous training

  • “The real-life experiences used and with such honesty are really valuable and help relate to our own projects.”
    RCV Training ACT participant 2019
  • “Excellent – very insightful and engaging thank you.”
    RCV Training ACT participant 2019
  • “I found this training incredibly positive, I loved doing the workshops. I would really like to see it embedded up and down government.”

    Better Together Training participant 2016
  • “She [Emily] engages you in such a way that makes you want to use the tools she’s talking about. And watching how she does it you also learn; she’s modelling how to do the engagement when doing the teaching.”

    Better Together Training participant 2016
  • “I came out of this range of courses thinking I’ve had the benefit of some extraordinary knowledge, and the opportunity to witness someone like Emily who’s amazing as a facilitator.”
    Better Together Training participant 2016
  • “It’s definitely good training for me personally. My role is all about planning and strategy advice and getting in early in planning phase. So, this was really relevant.”
    Better Together Training participant 2016

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There is nothing like a room full of people energised by wanting to learn!

We love running training and sharing our knowledge, and hope to be able to offer something for you!

Better Together

Since 2010 both Emma and Emily have been central to the development, improvement and delivery of Better Together. Emma was leading the team in the Department of the Premier and Cabinet responisble for the creation of Better Together: Principles of Engagement. At that time, this document and the movement it created was groundbreaking in the field of community engagement. This work set a new standard, as a set of important principles, as opposed to a ‘how to guide’, ensuring that public servants used this knowledge and skills to tailor their engagement efforts. Since then, Emily has been responsible for delivering the SA Public Sector training around the Better Together Principles – at last count, Emily has trained over 700 people through an intensive program, and reached over a thousand through supplementary Better Together Initiatives.

Better Together


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Singapore Training

Citizens Jury Training in Singapore

In May 2016 we travelled to Singapore to work with the Ministry of Social and Family Development to help them learn about Citizens Juries as they explore the possibility of running Singapore’s first Citizens Jury. The training was tailored to their needs and covered a raft of Jury related elements: facilitation, planning, media and communications, stakeholder engagement and engaging reporting.We absolutely have loved our work with the team in Singapore – their professionalism and attention to detail is to be admired. We are looking forward to supporting them in the planning and delivery of their first Citizens Jury in late 2016.

Bespoke Deliberative Training

democracyCo design and deliver bespoke deliberative training for public servants, companies and not-for- profit organisations. In recent times, we have delivered training for a growing list of clients:

  • Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources
  • Department of the Premier and Cabinet
  • Wine Australia
  • Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure
  • SA Murray Darling Basin Natural Resources Management Board
  • Undergraduate and Post Graduate Students in Environmental Studies, University of South Australia
  • Department for Education and Child Development
  • FamiliesSA

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Effective Engagement Kit & Training

Over 10 years ago, Emily was part of the groundbreaking team in the Department of Sustainability & Environment (Victoria) which developed the Effective Engagement Kit. This incredible resource for all things community engagement was also accompanied by the training which was offered across the entire Victorian Public Service. As part of a large team, Emily worked to support public servants in the development of their skills in this area. The Kit is provided here because we think it stands the test of time!

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