Our Training Expertise

Better Together

Since 2010 both Emma and Emily have been central to the development, improvement and delivery of Better Together. Emma was leading the team in the Department of the Premier and Cabinet responsible for the creation of Better Together: Principles of Engagement. 

At that time, this document and the movement it created was groundbreaking in the field of community engagement. This work set a new standard, as a set of important principles, 

as opposed to a ‘how to guide’, ensuring that public servants used this knowledge and skills to tailor their engagement efforts.

Since then, Emily has been responsible for delivering the SA Public Sector training around the Better Together Principles – at last count, Emily has trained over 700 people through an intensive program, and reached over a thousand through supplementary Better Together Initiatives.

Better Together

Citizens Jury Training in Singapore

In May 2016 we travelled to Singapore to work with the Ministry of Social and Family Development to help them learn about Citizens Juries as they explore the possibility of running Singapore’s first Citizens Jury. 

The training was tailored to their needs and covered a raft of Jury related elements: facilitation, planning, media and communications, stakeholder engagement and engaging reporting. 

We absolutely have loved our work with the team in Singapore – their professionalism and attention to detail is to be admired. We are looking forward to supporting them in the planning and delivery of their first Citizens Jury in late 2016.

Bespoke Deliberative Training

democracyCo design and deliver bespoke deliberative training for public servants, companies and not-for- profit organisations. 

In recent times, we have delivered training for a growing list of clients:

  • Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources
  • Department of the Premier and Cabinet
  • Wine Australia
  • Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure
  • SA Murray Darling Basin Natural Resources Management Board
  • Undergraduate and Post Graduate Students in Environmental Studies, University of South Australia
  • Department for Education and Child Development
  • FamiliesSA

Effective Engagement Kit & Training

Over 10 years ago, Emily was part of the groundbreaking team in the Department of Sustainability & Environment (Victoria) which developed the Effective Engagement Kit. 

This incredible resource for all things community engagement was also accompanied by the training which was offered across the entire Victorian Public Service. 

As part of a large team, Emily worked to support public servants in the development of their skills in this area. The Kit is provided here because we think it stands the test of time!

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democracyCo’s work is undertaken on the lands of Australia’s First Nations People.

For millennia, you as the ancestors have been guardians of this Country and we deeply respect and acknowledge Elders past, present and emerging.

As we collaborate together, democracyCo will look to Australia’s First Nations people, the world’s oldest living culture, for guidance that will help sustain our connection to Country and inform the work that we do to bring people together.

Our work is in service to Reconciliation and to moving forward together.

We acknowledge that we have much work to do.