democracyCo is a leader in democratic reform in Australia

We support government, community and the private sector to reform together.

"Together [Emma and Emily] coached and led a truly deliberative process that not only allowed citizens' to deeply consider a very complex issue but allowed Government to forge stronger partnerships with stakeholders at all levels. These partnerships are holding us in good stead as we move towards pushing these reforms through Parliament with unprecedented wide support from stakeholders and community "
Senior Adviser, Office of the Minister for Sustainability, Conservation and the Environment, SA

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Governments cannot achieve change alone.

Sustained change requires the support and combined action of communities, industry and government.

We use deliberative processes to engage and mobilise communities.

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There is no other organisation in Australia that’s holistically focused on assisting governments to achieve reform.

We are not a facilitation company, nor are we are PR/marketing company, we are not a market research/social research company nor are we academic researchers, however we utilise elements of all of these disciplines and approaches to support the work we do.

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