We care about what’s happening around us, sometimes so much that we are moved to put pen to paper and write about it. Here you will find articles we have written and publications for download.

Democracy is voting at elections right? Think again... it needs you!

We have been observing the qualities of people who are actively engaged in their democracy. The good news is we all have these qualities – we just need to find ways to use them!

The Voice referendum deliberated in Casey

When we don’t seek to convince, people hear more and learn more.

We’ve recently worked with Aaron Violi MP to undertake a deliberative process with his electorate of Casey on The Voice Referendum. 

Fighting back with democracy

“Fragmentation of the population is a key weapon used against democracy – it lulls the public into thinking they don’t have power”. Kettering Foundation CEO has put the challenge out to all partners of the foundation to use our collective practice to improve democratic life.

Resilience building in Regional Australia

Resilience planning can be so much more than the documentation of a suite of actions for assisting a community to improve its adaptability and strength. The process of resilience planning can be resilience building in of itself.

Podcast: Facilitating Online Public Deliberation

We were chuffed to be interviewed by Dr Lyn Carson from the New Democracy Foundation for their “Facilitating Public Deliberation” podcast series. This podcast reflects on the virtual Citizens’ Jury which we ran in March 2020 – under the shadow of Covid-19

A wide range of institutions, including democracy, economics, religion, gender, technology and higher education, are showing signs of acute stress or outright failure. We need to … re-imagine our social institutions so that they can better contain sources of toxicity and instead empower progressive change if impending catastrophes are to be faced and avoided.

Online deliberation​

Our first online citizens’ jury reflected on their experience of working in a virtual room – and they loved it!

Virtual citizen's jury - our 7 lessons

Read what we learnt about online deliberation – from our very first virtual citizens Jury in 2020.

Community Engagement must be part of reform

We published our reflections in InDaily in 2019 about how important it is to involve community in reform.

Want better politics?

The problems of Government are a consequence of a paucity of process – for which we are all responsible. Here we make a case for ‘slow policy’.

Opinion is king

As conveners of the worlds’ largest citizens’ jury on nuclear waste storage in South Australia we explore the trend towards individualism, its consequences for public policy and the opportunities offered by deliberative democracy in forging a new way forward. We shared our experience in The Mandarin.

International review of deliberative democracy

Deliberative processes result in moderate, practical, and balanced recommendations. See here our review of work across the world which proves this.

Are you interested in how our democracy works and want to help be part of making it work better? 

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“The facilitation was described universally as brilliant – sensational! I can’t tell you how many compliments we have had about the summit.”

Wellbeing in Education Summit