Who We Are

democracyCo was born out of a realisation that it is easier for governments to achieve complex reform if they meaningfully involve citizens and stakeholders.

“democracyCo are a safe pair of hands”
Chris Steel MLC, Minister for City Services, ACT (taken from ACT Parliament Hansard) 2018

democracyCo was created in 2015 by Emily Jenke and Emma Fletcher, born out of their shared desire to make a positive difference to the world.

As Co CEO’s, Emily and Emma use their combined skills in deliberative techniques, communications, policy making and group facilitation to bring governments and the communities they serve closer together.

They do this by…

  • Taking a holistic approach that involves communications, policy and engagement,
  • Enabling communities and stakeholders with diverse views to work together in ways that use their knowledge, skills and experience to the best,   
  • Collaborating – Policy making will be more sustainable if it is done collaboratively and meaningfully with citizens and stakeholders,
  • Expertly combining education and information with time and deliberation.

Their specialist skills include: 

  • Enabling diverse groups to reach agreement with each other – overcoming polarisation and building trust
  • Design and deliver engagements that reduce risk and effectively manage outrage
  • Objectively work with varying interests, dynamics and politics
  • Support healthy dialogue between stakeholders, governments and everyday citizens
  • A commitment to deliberative practice and trialing new methodologies inspired by international experts and using ground breaking research. 

Emma Fletcher

Emma designs and project manages large and complex engagement projects.

Emma’s strengths are her ability to quickly and deeply understand her client’s needs and objectives, enabling her to customise engagement processes that consistently achieve and exceed her clients desired outcomes.

She has an exceptional ability to support governments in building genuine collaborative relationships and partnerships with key stakeholders.

Emma’s commitment and passion to raise the voices of all citizens within the democratic process is one part of the driving force behind the success of democracyCo. This vision is foundational in ensuring that democracyCo is a national leader in engagement.

Emma Fletcher


Emily Jenke

Emily brings democracyCo’s vision to life – by warmly facilitating groups of all shapes and sizes to enable them to reach consensus.

As Co CEO, Emily is one of Australia’s most skilled engagement professionals and an accomplished and talented facilitator of over 20 years.

Having been at the pioneering of deliberative work in Australia in the 1990’s, her knowledge and understanding of deliberative practice is unique.

Emily works with large groups (500+) and small teams – on topics that require technical application and/or are highly values driven. Her ability to ‘read the room’ is rare and participants are drawn to her personality and energy.

Emily Jenke


Leah Bullivant

Leah is democracyCo’s business manager – expertly guiding our growing business with wisdom and professionalism.

Leah Bullivant is an experienced business management leader who has a broad knowledge base gained from 20 years working in the vocational education and training sector.

She possesses in-depth experience across the education and training sector in program design and delivery having lead workplace training programs for national clients.

Leah is driven by using collaborative approaches to build relationships that build connection in both the workplace and learning environments. She is a highly organised professional driven by exceeding client expectations and achieving best possible outcomes.

Leah also manages the small business she owns with her husband Shane. Leah and Shane have two young boys and live in Strathalbyn, SA.

Leah Bullivant

Business Manager

Chad Foulkes

Chad is a Senior Facilitator with democracyCo and also runs his own business Liminal by Design.

Chad Foulkes has worked in community engagement and been at the forefront of community engagement and deliberative practices for over 15 years. He has been involved in the development of community plans, visions, deliberative processes, community engagement strategies and frameworks for numerous Council’s and community organisations.

Chad is relaxed, warm and likeable. His expert skills at facilitating deliberative processes are rare and unique. Chad is also a specialist at online deliberation – his attention to detail ensures we never struggle to deliver complex and time bound projects.

For Chad, surfing and facilitation are his two great loves – but there is no doubt that when the surf is up, he’s a hard man to reach!

Chad runs Liminal by Design out of Victoria.

Chad Foulkes

Senior Facilitator

Natasha Ludowyk

Natasha is an experienced program evaluator and social researcher, with expertise in formative and summative evaluation, as well as qualitative and quantitative research methodologies. 

She brings a collaborative approach, rigour and strategic insight to democracyCo, built on her experience conducting social research and evaluation with a broad range of populations across Australia.

This work has involved bringing highly disadvantaged and disengaged populations together with senior members of government and industry to inform decision making.

Natasha is experienced as devising measurement systems, engaging communities and stakeholders and providing strategic advice for program with long term change agendas, diverse stakeholder interests and notable, a mandate for public good.

Natasha worked for several multinational and boutique evaluation and research consultancies over eight years, prior to founding Ludowyk Evaluation in 2016 to focus on her specialist offering.

Natasha Ludowyk

Evaluator and Social Researcher

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