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Our work offers a way to create sustainable solutions to complex problems – solutions that empower the community, connect the diverse interests of individuals and organisations, and give our clients real evidence-based solutions that improve people’s lives.

Western democracies are suffering from a backlash from those who feel disenfranchised from the decision-making process. The impact of this can be seen in the rapidly declining levels of trust in our institutions – all over the world.

The Trust Barometer by Edelman has documented a global collapse of trust for many years now. One in two countries believes the entire system is failing. One of the flow-on impacts is that the reforms we desperately need in the short and long term just aren’t being made, for fear of political backlash.

There is a desperate need to do something radically different or have our democratic systems suffer from more of the same inertia. There is a need to find a way to transform the voice of ordinary people.

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SACOSS Community Panel
In 2023, South Australia embarked on the biggest conversation that Australia has ever seen on Climate....
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South Australia's Community Climate Process
In 2023, South Australia embarked on the biggest conversation that Australia has ever seen on Climate....
Wellbeing in Education
The wellbeing and mental health of our children and young people is increasingly becoming an issue of...
My Home Hospital
In 2017/18 the State Government made a commitment to rebalance the health system by increasing and enhancing...
Shaping Unley / Unley Parking
The City of Unley wanted to develop an active participation framework – a structured, generic approach...
SA Power Networks
SA Power Networks is the principal electricity distribution network service provider in South Australia...
Motor Accident Injury Insurance
All cars on Australian roads must have compulsory insurance (CTP). In the ACT, this insurance was expensive,...
Resilience Planning
During 2022 we worked with Regional Development Australia Murraylands & Roverland to deliver a region-wide...
City of Mitcham Deliberative panel
DemocracyCo worked with the City of Mitcham to bring the community together on a controversial topic...
Citizens Assembly: Influencing the integrity of elections in Bosnia & Herzegovina
In July 2022, The Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue (HD) convened a Citizens’ Forum on Responsible Social...

We support our clients with the full cycle of democratic engagement, starting with engagement strategy design and advisory, through to planning, training, implementation, facilitation and data analysis.

Delivering a deliberative process requires a spectrum of skills from political astuteness, facilitation design, communications, data analysis and capability to deliver to warmth, connection and ability to build trust and confidence in the process.

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“The commitment of government to pursue the citizens’ jury recommendations was key. More impressive was the way a carefully facilitated process involving critical thinking skills went right past a series of interventions from vested interest groups.”
CTP Stakeholder
Stakeholder Reference Group 2018