SACOSS Community Panel

In 2023, South Australia embarked on the biggest conversation that Australia has ever seen on Climate. We designed and delivered the process which you can read about here.

SA Power Networks

SA Power Networks is the principal electricity distribution network service provider in South Australia – the poles and wires that deliver the power to homes and businesses. Every five years, SA Power Networks is required to undergo a regulatory reset process. We designed and delivered their People’s Panel.

City of Mitcham Deliberative panel

DemocracyCo worked with the City of Mitcham to bring the community together on a controversial topic – the development of a much loved community space.

Citizens Assembly: Influencing the integrity of elections in Bosnia & Herzegovina

In July 2022, The Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue (HD) convened a Citizens’ Forum on Responsible Social Media Discourse. This was convened to counter significant problems being faced by BiH in the lead up to national elections – where social media was being used to spread hate speech, misinformation and to try and skew election outcomes.