to Net Zero

South Australia is having the biggest community conversation ever seen in Australia on Climate Change - and it's time to get involved!

Addressing climate change is now urgent.

Every person on earth – every country, every territory needs to respond. To assist national and international efforts to address climate change the South Australian Government has committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions which are drivers of climate change.  The aim is to reduce South Australia’s net emissions to at least 50% by 2030 and to net zero by 2050. Getting there will require collaboration and innovation – which will have the added benefit of creating economic opportunities for our state. 

“Discussions in the community are an integral part of the state’s journey toward a net zero future. I encouarge the community to get involved in these important discussions as part of informing our response to climate change” 

The Hon Susan Close MP, Deputy Premier & Minister for Climate Environment & Water. 

Read more from the Deputy Premier here.

Join the Community Conversation

The statewide ‘Community Conversations’ process is open and you can participate now!

We are encouraging people to come together to talk about what can and should be done to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. 

Anyone can either lead or take part in a conversation – there will be hundreds of conversations in schools, community groups, homes and workplaces across all country and metropolitan areas of South Australia.

The data from your conversations will be uploaded by your host to a response form. This will be analysed & collated by democracyCo, and provided to the South Australian Government to inform their net zero actions.  

Hosting a conversation is really easy!
Just get a few friends, colleagues or your community group together, discuss the questions, and upload the notes from your conversation to the online feedback form. 
For everyone... ​

To get ready to participate in a conversation, this guide will be a great resource for you.

For hosts...

If you are a host, please open this short Host Kit for guidance. If you need more support and a more detailed hosting kit, please email us here. 

Climate Conversations for Kids

We have set up a simple and easy conversation format so we can hear the powerful voices of young people. 

This resources makes it really simple for young people of all ages to also contribute. 


I want to host a conversation!​

Hosting is something anyone can do – it’s simply having a conversation and capturing what came from it. The Conservation Council of SA (CCSA) along with South Australians for Climate Action (SACA) are conducting info sessions for hosts and have a range of resources to help you. 

I want to join a group!​

If you don’t have a group, and don’t want to host a conversation, you can still take part! The Conservation Council of SA (CCSA) along with South Australians for Climate Action (SACA) can join you up with an online group to be part of a conversation. 

How did we get here? ​

The Conversation Guide that you will use for your discussion was largely written by a Community Climate Panel. The panel was recruited through a process of stratified random sampling and met and completed their work in May 2023. The panel consisted of 50 diverse South Australians and they have identified the things that they think we all need to discuss. You can read the Panel’s report here. 

The process is represented below: 

Who is leading this project? ​

This project is a joint initiative facilitated by the Conservation Council and South Australians for Climate Action and sponsored by the Department of Environment and Water.

Stay tuned to this page for updates on this project!