Shaping Unley / Unley Parking

The City of Unley wanted to develop an active participation framework – a structured, generic approach that the Council could use to engage the community on complex and polarising policy and city-wide issues. They then tested it – on a controversial issue!

SA Power Networks

SA Power Networks is the principal electricity distribution network service provider in South Australia – the poles and wires that deliver the power to homes and businesses. Every five years, SA Power Networks is required to undergo a regulatory reset process. We designed and delivered their People’s Panel.

Resilience Planning

During 2022 we worked with Regional Development Australia Murraylands & Roverland to deliver a region-wide engagement process with the community – to prepare the Regions’ plan for resilience.

City of Mitcham Deliberative panel

DemocracyCo worked with the City of Mitcham to bring the community together on a controversial topic – the development of a much loved community space.