SACOSS Community Panel

In 2023, South Australia embarked on the biggest conversation that Australia has ever seen on Climate. We designed and delivered the process which you can read about here.

Wellbeing in Education

The wellbeing and mental health of our children and young people is increasingly becoming an issue of concern to our community, policy makers and political leaders.

My Home Hospital

In 2017/18 the State Government made a commitment to rebalance the health system by increasing and enhancing existing out-of-hospital and community-based hospital alternatives as a key strategy in supporting the sustainability of the system into the future.

Shaping Unley / Unley Parking

The City of Unley wanted to develop an active participation framework – a structured, generic approach that the Council could use to engage the community on complex and polarising policy and city-wide issues. They then tested it – on a controversial issue!

Resilience Planning

During 2022 we worked with Regional Development Australia Murraylands & Roverland to deliver a region-wide engagement process with the community – to prepare the Regions’ plan for resilience.